Generation of Miller Cahoon (1813-)

Nathan's first son Miller (b ~1813, d unknown, Bay River in Craven County) married Mary Jane Martin (b ~1823 in Craven County, d. 14 March 1891 in Pamlico Co) on 2 June 1843 in Craven County. The New Bern Weekly Journal of 19 March 1891 (P-3, C-7, under Stonewall) notes that "On the 14th inst. Mrs. Mary Cahoon, widow of Miller Cahoon, after a long tedious time of suffering died at the residence of her son Nathan Cahoon."

Miller and Mary Jane were parents of Sarah (b. 1845), Miller Jr (b. 8 March 1850 at Bay River, d. 20 December 1918 at Merritt), Joseph (b ~1853), Nathan (b ~1855) and Paul (b ~1859).

Nathan's second son Nathan I (b ~1825, Craven County, d ~1884) married first Cathrine Wilcox (b 1822, Craven Co, d after 1881) on 29 June 1848 in Craven County, and married Mary Frances Rice (b ~1850, daughter of Dempsey Rice and Sarah Banks) on 18 March 1883 in the home of Dempsey Rice, Township 1 of Pamlico Co. Family history indicates that Cathrine Wilcox was part Native American.

Nathan I's children with Cathrine Wilcox include Noah (b ~1846), George (b ~1849), Mary Ann (b 25 May 1850 in Craven Co, d 29 July 1932 in Merritt), Fannie (b 1851, d 20 August 1932 in Pamlico Co), Susan (B ~1852, d ~1887), Sena (b ~1853), Nancy (b ~1855), Lucretia (b ~1857), Henry T (b 25 December 1859 in Craven County, d 12 June 1942 in Whortonsville, Pamlico Co), and Mary Elizabeth (b. 3 November 1865, d 24 May 1927).

Two deeds in the Craven County Deed Books 59 (pp. 471-472) and 62 (pp. 44-45) show Miller Sr. and his brothers and sisters selling land they inherited from their father, Nathan Cahoon, in 1837 and 1853.

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