Generation of Nathan Cahoon (1778-)

Nathan Cahoon, never appears as head of household in any Craven County census. He first appears in records around 1810, purchasing property at the estate sale of Samuel Cahoon. In the 1815 Craven County tax list, he is listed in Robert Sparrow's District, with one poll and 45 acres of land; the land must have been inherited by him or his wife, since a person could inherit land without a deed being recorded, and the earliest note of his acquiring land in Craven County is in 1822. Nathan appears to have lived in that part of Craven County that is now Pamlico County.

Nathan married Elizabeth (also called Eliza, maiden name unknown), who was born about 1780 and died before 1860. Nathan and Elizabeth had at least two sons: Miller, who was born about 1813 at Bay River in Craven County (now Bayboro in Pamlico County) and who died before 1884, and Nathan (whose name is listed as Nathan Cahoon I), born about 1825 in Craven County and died about 1884.

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