Generation of Miller Cahoon Jr (1850-1918)

[Miller and Mary Jane were parents of Sarah (b. 1845), Miller Jr (b. 8 March 1850 at Bay River, d. 20 December 1918 at Merritt), Joseph (b ~1853), Nathan (b ~1855) and Paul (b ~1859).]

Miller Jr (b. 8 March 1850 at Bay River, d. 20 December 1918 at Merritt) married Sophia Willis (b August 1859, d ~1929) on 9 September 1875 at the residence of Philemon Willis in Pamlico County. Miller's death certificate lists his place of birth as Merritt, but Merritt didn't have a post office until 1894. The cemetery book lists his death as 1 December; his death certificate reads 20 December. Miller Jr's children with Sophia Willis include Paul Duffy (b 10 April 1878 in Pamlico Co, d 2 August 1937 in New Bern), Alice J (b 11 August 1883, d 11 October 1904), Martha (b July 1887) and Viola (b July 1893).

Joseph (b ~1853) married Julia Ann Bennett (b ~1873, daughter of Enoch Bennett and Clarissa Gaskins) on 28 February 1901 in Bayboro, Pamlico County. Their children include Cassie and Lizzie.

Nathan (b ~1855) married Monteray Dixon (b February 1886, daughter of Major Dixon and Gillie Tingle) on 21 August 1904 at the residence of Mrs. Annie Harris in Kershaw, Pamlico Co. Their children include Zeb Vance (b 1906) and Alla Cleve (b 7 January 1912, d 1 October 1912).

[Nathan I's children with Cathrine Wilcox include Noah (b ~1846), George (b ~1849), Mary Ann (b 25 May 1850 in Craven Co, d 29 July 1932 in Merritt), Fannie (b 1851, d 20 August 1932 in Pamlico Co), Susan (B ~1852, d ~1887), Sena (b ~1853), Nancy (b ~1855), Lucretia (b ~1857), Henry T (b 25 December 1859 in Craven County, d 12 June 1942 in Whortonsville, Pamlico Co), and Mary Elizabeth (b. 3 November 1865, d 24 May 1927).]

Noah married Sarah E. Daw (b ~1851) on 5 March 1874 at the residence of L.D. Broughton in Pamlico Township 2.

Mary Ann (b 25 May 1850 in Craven Co, d 29 July 1932 in Merritt) married Francis Merrimon Lewis (b April 1857, d ~1934, son of Elijah Lewis and Malancy Cullipher) on 21 December 1882 at the residence of Nathan Cahoon in Pamlico Co. Their children include Lucy Ann (b 5 February 1888 in Pamlico Co, d 5 March 1969 in Oriental), Ella V (b November 1887), and Wilford Henry Lewis (b 14 November 1892 in Merritt, d 13 November 1917).

Fannie married James Richard Daniels (b 25 November 1865, d 6 August 1944 in Kinston) on 29 April 1888 at the residence of Jacob Cary in Spring Creek, Pamlico Co. Township 2, but family history indicates that they only lived together until 7 February 1889, when he abandoned her.Nancy married Rufus Simpson (b ~1864) on 19 July 1885 at the residence of Robert Whorton, Pamlico County Township 2.

Susan (b ~1852, d ~1887) married William P. Cahoon (b ~1848, d ~1902, son of James Cahoon and Maria Manning) on 29 January 1878 at the residence of L.D. Broughton, Pamlico Co. Their children included George (b ~1878) and Edward Yates (b 4 February 1882, d 14 October 1951).

Lucretia married John Tunnel (b ~1851) on 10 November 1881 at the residence of Nathan Cahoon, Pamlico County Township 1.

Henry T is listed in the 1870 census as 11. His death certificate lists his birth as 25 Dec 1873, his death as 12 June 1942 and burial on 13 June 1942, but the cemetery book lists his birth as 25 December 1865 and death is inscribed on a wooden marker as 1 May 1941. His death certificate listed him as single.

Mary Elizabeth married John C. Gatlin (b 7 May 1858 in New Bern, d 30 May 1921 in New Bern) on 3 December 1910 at the residence of J.C. Gatlin in Pamlico Co. Only the 1870 census identifies Mary Elizabeth as Mary E., all other documents call her Eliza.

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